Official USPTO Notice of Publication Confirmation: U.S. Trademark SN 86428951: NU45

I’ve owned this one for a while, but I let it lapse a year ago when I was getting discouraged that anyone actually cared. It’s looking a lot more promising now, so …

Begin forwarded message:

From: <TMOfficialNotices>

Subject: Official USPTO Notice of Publication Confirmation: U.S. Trademark SN 86428951: NU45

Date: March 23, 2015 at 21:37:11 PDT

To: xxxxxx

Reply-To: TMOfficialNotices


U.S. Serial Number: 86428951
Mark: NU45
International Class(es): 009
Owner: Johas Teener, Michael David
Docket/Reference Number:

The mark identified above has been published in the Trademark Official Gazette (TMOG) on Mar 24, 2015.

To Review the Mark in the TMOG:

Click on the following link or paste the URL into an internet browser:

On the publication date or shortly thereafter, the applicant should carefully review the information that appears in the TMOG for accuracy. If any information is incorrect due to USPTO error, the applicant should immediately email the requested correction to TMPostPubQuery. For applicant corrections or amendments after publication, please file a post publication amendment using the form available at For general information about this notice, please contact the Trademark Assistance Center at 1-800-786-9199.

Significance of Publication for Opposition:

Any party who believes it will be damaged by the registration of the mark may file a notice of opposition (or extension of time therefor) with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. If no party files an opposition or extension request within thirty (30) days after the publication date, then eleven (11) weeks after the publication date a notice of allowance (NOA) should issue. (Note: The applicant must file a complete Statement of Use or Extension Request with the required fees within six (6) months after the NOA issues to avoid abandonment of the application.)

USB-C and Nu45

Sigh. I’m in Berlin for the IEEE 802 meetings (something I do every couple of months), and I’m jet-lagged and intellectually exhausted from trying to work with a bunch of really smart people. Still, I mangaged to catch the news about the new MacBook and Chromebook Pixel … and their use of USB-C.

I’ve learned a lot more about USB-C as a system in the past vew months … and, aside from the power management procedures, which are positively Byzantine, it’s not bad. It is, in my opinion, the most important part of the USB 3.1 package of specs (it’s the last of the seven docs in the package). I didn’t pay too much attention to it last year when the project went public, mainly since USB as an architecture offends my overly-sensitive sense of careful and thoughtful design (maybe I should do a series of notes about why USB bugs me so much). Anyway, I like it, and I’ll be writing more about it in the future.

It is, however, suspiciously similar to the “nu45” concept drawings and feature outlines I originally distributed to a small part of the tech community some years ago (see I don’t quite know what to think of this. It’s certainly possible that it was a completely independent project, but given the players involved in creating USB-C and it’s development schedule, it’s one hell of a coincidence.

There is a silver lining to all this … the connector system I wanted to see is indeed being deployed in large volumes and roughly in the way I thought would be useful to tech consumers. On top of that, there are features of the system called “alternate modes”, which allow devices on the two ends of the wire to declare different preferences about the way the high performance channels (I’ll have to elaborate on what that means on a later day) are used. In particular, Apple and Google are using them for Display Port, which is a nice digital video interface that is easily adapted to VGA and HDMI for connecting to TVs and displays.

Bringing this back to nu45, I’ve started a project to define an Ethernet Alternate Mode, which would allow the USB-C connector to be used for that purpose.

Why do I think that’s a good idea? Well … I afraid that will have to wait for a few days, since I’m really tired and jet-lagged.

New blogging app, maybe platform

This is a test … really. I’m trying to move to a single way to create, edit, and post entries to my various publishing platforms (way too many of them, since I’m a bit of a tool addict). I’ve tried using buffer, and it works pretty well, but it’s not very useful for long-form notes, so I can’t do much that’s really original. It’s OK for retweet/repost/reblog/resomething, but that’s about it. “Desk”, which I’m using now, seems to a much better system, at least while I’m on the Mac. The developer promises an IOS version in the future, which would be really nice.

Also, I’m thinking of moving my infrequently updated semi-pro blog “Plumbing Notes” to ghost, which is quite a bit more modern and clean than WordPress … but it’s still young, so I don’t know what I’ll end up doing.

Keep electrobabble private! Sign the petition … NOW

This is important! Once again, if you care about your privacy on line, *sign this* …;utm_source=google&amp;utm_content=7+-+Sign+the+We+the+People+petition+to+let+t&amp;utm_campaign=20131204USclick&amp;source=20131204USclick

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